Tired of Your Garage Floors? Colour Solutions Can Help!

Garage Floor CoatingIt’s no secret that Spring is when homeowners frequently decide to make improvements and upgrades to their properties. Being cooped up during the dreary winter months seems to inspire many of us to get our homes in order. (Maybe it was all those snow days spent watching HGTV?)

When it comes to our garage floors, many homeowners think that there are not too many options. There is also a tendency to put these flooring improvements on the back burner, because they are viewed as majorly inconvenient to live with. However, a floor that is less than perfect may be easier to change than you thought!  Colour Solutions has the answers for how to update, refinish, or restore. Our team is experienced in a variety of applications, including staining, painting, and refinishing.

In the cases of homes with an attached garage, this space often becomes the most used entrance into the residence. When the garage floor is dingy, cracked, or just unappealing, the house in turn becomes guilty by association. That is, the condition of the garage can set the tone for the entire residence. Even when the garage space is neatly organized and tidy, a yucky, oil stained, paint splotched floor can cast its evil shadow. Living with a garage floor that does not meet your standards is not obligatory!

The Colour Solutions crew has a number of ways to spruce up garage floors. Sometimes, all it may need is a thorough pressure washing or treatment with a few of our products designed just for concrete. A professional cleaning is often all it takes to restore a garage floor to like-new condition. Afterwards, many of our customers are so pleased with the initial cleaning that they choose to go the extra mile and have the floor professionally painted or stained. If that sounds like something you’d like to consider, we will be happy to show you samples of past jobs and discuss which choices would work best for your existing floor. Could a NASCAR theme be in your garage’s future?

To learn more, schedule an appointment, or discuss paint and stain options, please call Colour Solutions at 910-686-3067.

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Transform Your Front Porch to a Cozy Living Space

Transform Your Front PorchHave you heard? The front porch is the new family room! With southeastern N.C.’s mild climate, it’s possible to enjoy “porch time” virtually year round. A well-appointed front porch can easily serve as the ideal place for relaxing or entertaining. A few pieces of comfy furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and cheery pots of annuals are a great place to start. Here are several more easy suggestions:

  • Perhaps a new paint color for the steps and trim? Painted floors and ceilings on porches can also add a lot of pizzazz.
  • Accessorize your space with items that compliment the paint choices. For example, new cushions for the rockers, decorative ceramic pots for plants, and a colorful welcome mat. See more: Add to or Improve Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer
  • Just as you would with a room, it’s possible to designate seating or dining areas with a cleverly placed rug, painted floor cloth, or small dining table. Old dressers, benches or dry sinks can set a whimsical, homey tone. Using the new colored chalkboard paint is a great way to rejuvenate a neglected piece of furniture and make it a focal point.
  • Skillfully placed mirrors or art on canvas are yet more ways to transform your porch into something special.
  • Seasoned southerners may want to give their porch ceiling a coat of blue paint. Several theories about this practice contend that it fools spiders and wasps because they think it’s the sky, plus, blue is good luck and wards off evil spirits!
  • The front porch is the perfect setting to show off collections of things like seashells, watering cans, polished stones, jars of buttons or marbles, glass bottles and old tools.
  • Adding a bamboo shade to one end of a front porch provides privacy. This can also be achieved naturally with a stand of Confederate Jasmine. It’s a lush evergreen vine and smells divine when it blooms in early summer.
  • Other touches that add extra charm are wind chimes, hurricane lamps, and birdhouses.

If you’d like to begin your front porch transformation with new paint, please give the designers at Colour Solutions a call at 910-686-3067 or contact us online.

Painted Porch Floor and Ceiling in Wilmington NC

Summertime is here! And what better time to improve the look and value of your outdoor living space? With Colour Solutions’ porch painting services, your porch or patio can get a quick and relatively inexpensive makeover with a few fresh coats of paint.

The pros at Colour Solutions can also offer expert advice when it comes to selecting a paint type and color for your porch’s floor or ceiling. Depending on the material (wood, concrete, etc.) you may need a specific type of paint – and depending on the level of exposure your porch is subjected to, certain colors may work better than others. Let the experts help you find the right paint product for your home’s needs!

Colour Solutions is a team of highly experienced painting and home improvement professionals. Among the many services we offer, painting outdoor porches and patios are a popular choice for homeowners. A fresh coat of floor or ceiling paint can add beauty, value and protection to your outdoor space for years to come.

Call us today to get a quote for your porch painting project! 910-686-3067