Transform Your Front Porch to a Cozy Living Space

Transform Your Front PorchHave you heard? The front porch is the new family room! With southeastern N.C.’s mild climate, it’s possible to enjoy “porch time” virtually year round. A well-appointed front porch can easily serve as the ideal place for relaxing or entertaining. A few pieces of comfy furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and cheery pots of annuals are a great place to start. Here are several more easy suggestions:

  • Perhaps a new paint color for the steps and trim? Painted floors and ceilings on porches can also add a lot of pizzazz.
  • Accessorize your space with items that compliment the paint choices. For example, new cushions for the rockers, decorative ceramic pots for plants, and a colorful welcome mat. See more: Add to or Improve Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer
  • Just as you would with a room, it’s possible to designate seating or dining areas with a cleverly placed rug, painted floor cloth, or small dining table. Old dressers, benches or dry sinks can set a whimsical, homey tone. Using the new colored chalkboard paint is a great way to rejuvenate a neglected piece of furniture and make it a focal point.
  • Skillfully placed mirrors or art on canvas are yet more ways to transform your porch into something special.
  • Seasoned southerners may want to give their porch ceiling a coat of blue paint. Several theories about this practice contend that it fools spiders and wasps because they think it’s the sky, plus, blue is good luck and wards off evil spirits!
  • The front porch is the perfect setting to show off collections of things like seashells, watering cans, polished stones, jars of buttons or marbles, glass bottles and old tools.
  • Adding a bamboo shade to one end of a front porch provides privacy. This can also be achieved naturally with a stand of Confederate Jasmine. It’s a lush evergreen vine and smells divine when it blooms in early summer.
  • Other touches that add extra charm are wind chimes, hurricane lamps, and birdhouses.

If you’d like to begin your front porch transformation with new paint, please give the designers at Colour Solutions a call at 910-686-3067 or contact us online.

Wilmington NC Decks and Porches – Paint, Stain, or Natural?

We are often asked by homeowners whether they should have their deck painted, stained, or let the wood weather to a natural color? It largely comes down to personal preference and what looks best with the style of the home.

porch ceilingPaint
When painting a deck or porch generally the paint is matched to the trim color on the rest of the home’s exterior, most often white or an off white or cream color. The porches on historic homes such as the Victorians found in Downtown Wilmington are sometimes painted an array of colors, creating a unique and eye catching look. A classic color choice for porch ceilings in homes of all styles is a pale blue. It’s said to repel bugs and bring the look of the sky to the outdoor space.

Staining your deck or porch allows you to deepen or darken the color of the wood if you choose, with available shades ranging from lighter pines and oaks to darker chestnuts, cherries, and walnuts. This is a popular choice and can result in a very attractive look.

deckLeaving the natural color of the wood is also a great look, and is particular popular in coastal homes. Over time new wood will weather to a grey color. Choosing this natural look does not mean that we simply leave your deck or porch exposed to the elements – we would use a transparent finish to protect the wood while allowing its natural beauty to be seen.

Whichever finish you choose for your deck or porch it is important to have it redone every few years. The paint, stain, or coating protects the wood from water, mildew, and sun damage – allowing you to enjoy your home’s outdoor areas for many years to come!

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