Ideas for Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is very popular these days. It’s fun, simple and offers a way to feed your artistic side when at home. Chalkboard paint can also be used to create more practical projects. From functional organizing to labeling to list-making, chalkboard paint can provide numerous ways to help you get organized in style! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for chalkboard paint:

1. Kitchen – No matter how you use it, chalkboard paint can really come in handy in the kitchen. Paint it on a wall or wall section to jot down recipes, plan the week’s menu or make grocery lists. Decorate your kitchen’s backsplash area with colorful, changeable chalk drawings. Add paint to the inside panels of your cupboards to leave hidden messages. Here’s a cool example from Pinterest.

2. Kids Playroom – What kid hasn’t tried to draw on the walls at some point, leaving their moms and dads with a major mess to clean up or paint over? Well, with chalkboard paint, drawing on the walls is the whole idea! Add some in a nursury, playroom or child’s bedroom to bring loads of fun and creativity to your kids’ world. And here’s an extra tip – affix some upside down drawer pulls to give kids a place to store their chalk when they aren’t using it.  A Pinterest example.

3. Office – If you work at home, you know how important it is to stick to a schedule and stay organized. By adding chalkboard paint to the walls in your home office, you’ll be able to easily jot down any phone numbers, appointments or last minute tasks. You can also use it to create a large, wall-sized calendar that can be changed every month. This would come in handy in keeping track of meetings, Skype conferences and deadlines.

4. Furniture – Repurposing old and vintage furniture items is quite popular these days. If you’ve got an old piece that could use a makeover, consider using chalkboard paint. The great thing about this paint is that it is so versatile – it can be used on just about any type of surface. Coffee tables, dresser drawers, dining hutches and headboards are just a few examples of furniture pieces that can be boosted by chalkboard paint. Here’s a neat idea for using chalkboard paint to repurpose an old footboard.

5. Doors – Entryways can get a whole new look with a bit of chalkboard paint. Use it on the entire door or simply paint the panels for a nice contrast. Use it to leave love notes in your bedroom, shopping lists in your pantry or just go wild and use it to write or draw whatever you want! That’s the beauty of chalkboard paint – you’re free to do whatever you choose, and if it doesn’t quite work out, you can just erase it and start over! Oh, and that reminds us…chalkboard paint isn’t just limited to black, gray and green. You can get chalkboard paint in a wide variety of colors. For instance, check out this bright pink chalkboard door.

Have more ideas? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite ways to use chalkboard paint at home or at work!