Interior Paint Colors can make a Room Seem Larger or Smaller

Lighter colors can make a room look larger.

Lighter colors can make a room look larger.

Whether you live in a small starter house or a three story luxury home, using space effectively is an important part of interior design. But did you know that the paint colors you choose can also have an effect on a room’s space? Well, truth be told, the color doesn’t actually add or take away from a room’s physical space, but depending on your color choices, a room can LOOK larger or smaller than it actually is.
The general rule of thumb is, the smaller the room, the lighter the color. Deep, dark paint colors are generally avoided in smaller rooms without much natural light. Of course, this guideline isn’t set in stone. Sometimes a dark color can add a dramatic effect to a small room, such as a guest bathroom or laundry room. Likewise, a house with several open rooms that connect to one another may be overwhelmed if a darker color is selected.

The best thing to do is decide what your goals are for your room (or rooms) and take into account the following factors:

Light – How much natural/artificial light does the room get? Remember that paint colors can look very different when exposed to different types of lighting.

Architectural components – Do you have crown molding you want to show off? What about baseboards or window frames? Will you choose to repaint these as well, or do you want to just find a color that complements the existing structures?

Flooring – What color is your floor? What type of floor do you have? Do you want to highlight your prized hardwood floors?

If you have questions, or just aren’t sure where to begin, give Colour Solutions a call. Dial 910-686-3067 today for a free estimate!

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Best Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

You may think that choosing the right color for your ceiling is easy. White…right? Well the truth is, there are actually several shades of what most people consider “white.” Go too bright and it could throw off the rest of your room’s color scheme. Go too dark and it can make the room look smaller than it actually is.

If you decide to go with something other than white, you’ll want to choose something that will complement the rest of the room. Our team is skilled at color design and will happily offer advice on color palettes.

Another consideration is whether the ceiling is indoors or outdoors (like on a porch). The location of the ceiling and its level of exposure to the elements can also determine what type and color of paint you should use. Certain colors or types of paint may be more prone to fading if exposed to direct sunlight or severe weather.

In addition to choosing the right color, painting a ceiling can be a tough task due to difficulty reaching, troublesome textures and worrying about drips. Why not leave it to the experts who have all the right tools and experience to make your ceiling painting project go smoothly?

Colour Solutions has been offering quality painting and home repair services for more than 17 years and we are very proud of our client satisfaction rate (more than 98%!). Let us take the guesswork and headaches out of ceiling painting. Call us today for a free estimate! 910-686-3067

A Wilmington Painting Company and So Much More

Colour Solutions Painting TeamColour Solutions is a trusted name in residential and commercial painting in Wilmington. But did you know that we offer more than just home and office painting? We specialize in a wide range of home improvement projects and commercial property upgrades. In addition to our popular painting services, we also offer the following…

Pressure Washing – Remove ugly mildew from your home or business property’s siding

Garage Floor Coatings – Add an attractive and protective coating to your garage or workshop floor.

Deck Staining & Painting – Protect your deck with a high quality stain or paint and show it off this summer!

Cabinetry Repair – Fix those chipped, broken or rotted cabinets to give your place a well-maintained look.

Drywall Repair – No one likes doing drywall…except us! Before you worry about painting or crown molding, let us help fix any damaged walls your home may have.

Wallpaper Removal – We happily remove any unwanted, outdated, stained or damaged wallpaper.

Gutter Cleaning – This is one of those time consuming jobs that most homeowners put off. Let us take care of this chore for you, affordably and efficiently!

To see a complete list of our home maintenance services for Wilmington NC and the surrounding area, visit or call us directly at 910-686-3067.

Interior Painting Company, Wilmington NC

The winter months are a great time to get that interior painting project done that you’ve been putting off because of a busy summer, crazy school schedule in the fall, and holiday shopping and entertaining that all allow you to procrastinate anything that seems optional at the time.

After the holidays are over (and we’ve organized all our new stuff!) we’re ready to settle back into a routine and get into the swing of things. I often find that by February, I’m energized and ready to get the house back under control after a few months (dare I say a year…) of letting things pile up, letting closets become disastrous, and allowing every flat surface and corner of the house accumulate mountains of stuff. We usually do a pretty good household purge at that point and then become inspired to shake things up, move things around, and get things cleaned up.

With a clean and organized house comes inspiration. And almost every year, we get inspired to complete an interior painting job that we’ve been meaning to do for a while. Our house has a number of windows, tall ceilings, and crown molding trim. That means many weekends of painting work for my husband and I in between the kids’ basketball and soccer games, playdates, etc.

Or, it could be done in a day or so by the interior painting pros at Colour Solutions.

Colour Solutions works efficiently and professionally for interior and exterior painting projects, both residential and commercial. They’ll get the job done quickly and make it look amazing – pus they’ll clean up so well you won’t even remember they were there (except for the beautiful paint job!).

Call us or contact us online to request an estimate: 910-686-3067

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Get Your Wilmington NC Home Looking Great For The Holidays

Are you hosting the family for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? Will you be throwing the New Year’s party of the century? Many homeowners start to look around their home shortly before a big gathering and wish there was time to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior, update a room or two with the latest color trends, or revive the outdoor entertaining areas with deck staining.

Check one thing off your list early by calling Colour Solutions, and get your home ready to shine. Scheduling the projects now will save you from worrying whether they will be finished in time for friends and family to arrive, and trusting the pros at Colour Solutions means you can be sure the job will be done right the first time.

To learn more simply call 910-686-3097. Colour Solutions has years of experience working on homes of all shapes and sizes throughout the Wilmington, NC area. They use high quality materials and their team is among the best in the business. Call for a free estimate today from this leading Wilmington NC painting company910-686-3097.