Perfect Time for Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Interior PaintingHow are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you set goals to increase business, update your office space, or just get your operation more streamlined, it may be time to paint! One of the great things about painting, in addition to being the hands down most cost effective home or office improvement available, is that it forces us to get organized. Surely that was on that list of resolutions for 2014, right?

At Colour Solutions we realize that many of our customers may not think that the winter months are ideal for tackling a commercial painting project. However, we think it’s a great time! A number of factors can come into play which make updating or redecorating with a fresh coat of paint the best option from now through the busy spring and summer seasons. For example, some businesses see less customer traffic this time of year, so changing the look of the firm’s interior, exterior or both, may be an easier and quicker process as opposed to waiting for warmer temps.

Because cold, dry air may cause shrinkage in wood cabinetry, doors, or trim, and cause gaps, cool weather is the ideal time to address those issues. Today’s new low and no-VOC products make interior painting and staining jobs no problem! Finally, as any local knows, from January through March, the Cape Fear region can easily enjoy days or weeks of unseasonably mild weather, which is great for anyone considering a new exterior paint job.

Wouldn’t you like to give your place of business a new look for the New Year? We encourage you to visit our commercial painting gallery to see commercial jobs we’ve completed in the Wilmington area.

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Ombre Paint Finishes in your Home

Blue Ombre Wall PaintSay Yes to Ombre!

This is a style trend that spans several mediums, including clothing fabric, upholstery textiles, and even hair! Pronounced “ahm-bray” it’s a French term that means “shaded.” To create ombre, shade variations of one color are produced in a pattern that slowly graduates from light to dark.

In achieving an ombre finish with paint, three shades of the same color are used. Picture a wall-beginning at the top portion that meets the ceiling. The lightest shade of paint is applied here along one third of the top section. Next, the medium shade is applied along the middle third of the wall with the darkest shade going on last along the bottom third, that meets the floor.

Depending on the color of choice, the effect can be bold (deep hues of red or orange) or soothing (shades of sea glass green or Azalea pink). It is also possible to blend separate colors for an ombre rainbow. Typically, this paint treatment is best reserved for just one accent wall.

Fun projects such as ombre paint finishes are our specialty at Colour Solutions! Please give us a call at 910-686-3067 to make an appointment with one of our helpful painting experts.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets with Colorful Interiors

Kitchen & Cabinet PaintingHave you ever heard the expression, “What looks in looks out”? If you’ve been looking into a dark, worn, or otherwise lackluster space each time you open your kitchen cabinets, consider giving them a makeover. Homeowners with glass cabinet doors in their kitchens already know how accenting these areas can add interest and a whole different dimension to the kitchen. The same kind of magic happens when the interior shelves, sides, and backs of cabinetry is given a pop of color.

Consider also how many times on any given day that family members reach into the kitchen cabinets for a plate, glass, mug, or snack. Painting the inside woodwork a cheery or contrasting shade can give everyone a little boost as opposed to reaching onto a dreary, beat up, shelf. Another makeover possibility when the inside is painted in a festive shade is that a few or all-cabinet doors can be removed for an updated, yet retro/vintage look.

When choosing an interior cabinet color for the kitchen, it helps to keep a few points in mind:

  • Do you want to have a contrasting accent color that’s much darker or lighter than the outside framework and doors?
  • How will the new interior color compliment your stacks of dishes and glassware?
  • Are you already using a defined accent color elsewhere in your kitchen? That may be the direction to take.
  • In addition to creating a contrasting finish, monochromatic paint jobs are another way to go. These are especially attractive in more formal or contemporary kitchens, where interesting color choices for the cabinets can add sophistication and a little drama!
  • Even if the woodwork on the cabinetry exterior is stained, painting the interior can still make an impact. Choosing the right color to accent the wood finish can create a very subtle design scheme. For example, for an industrial modern feel that makes a bold statement, try oil stained ebony cabinets with red, fuchsia or emerald interiors. Natural oak doors with robin egg blue, mint green or lemon yellow interiors say country fresh.
  • It is also possible to use several colors when redoing cabinet interiors. This tends to either create a stylized contemporary look, or depending on the color palette, it may translate into something more whimsical.

Our team of experts at Colour Solutions would love to assist you in a project like this. Browse a gallery of our interior painting work to get an idea of how we can help transform your space.

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Three Unique Ideas for Interior Painting

Faux Finishes for Stained CabinetsWhen people think of interior painting, they usually just think of painting the home’s interior walls, baseboards, doors, window frames, and maybe the ceiling. But did you know that there are a number of unique home painting projects that can add a whole new look to your home’s interior? Believe it or not, there are plenty of painting projects that a homeowner might hire a professional for – that don’t have anything to do with the home structure itself!

Here are three examples:

1. Furniture – Even though a lot of folks decide to paint furniture themselves (after all, it’s fairly easy to do and doesn’t cost much), others prefer to hire a professional painter. It could be for any number of reasons. Some people just don’t want to devote the time it would take, others would rather trust a professional to make sure the paint job is completed in the best way possible and some people, while they love the look of freshly painted furniture, just don’t have the desire to do the work themselves. A few ideas on painting furniture to transform the look of your space include, kitchen tables and chairs, large items such as a hutch or buffet, living room end tables, coffee tables, dressers, bookcases, and so on.

2. Upholstery – That’s right. You can actually paint the fabric on your sofa, armchair, pillows, etc. The process is a bit more complicated that regular painting, which is why hiring a pro might be a good idea for this particular project. In order to successfully paint upholstery, you will need to use a mixture of water, fabric medium (can be found in craft stores and some home improvement stores) and latex paint. Be sure to let your upholstery dry thoroughly before allowing anyone to sit down on it!

3. Appliances and Fixtures – From refrigerators to washers and dryers and even countertops and faucets, you can bring a new level of style to your home by adding a fresh coat of paint. The most popular type of paint for appliances and household fixtures is metallic, but you can go with something simple like black or white as well.

If you’d like to hear more about unique ways to improve your home’s interior through painting, contact the painting professionals at Colour Solutions. Serving the Wilmington, NC area, Colour Solutions can offer expert advice and helpful design suggestions for your painting needs. Call (910) 686-3067  or visit today for a free estimate!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Ideas for Painted CabinetsOver the years, your kitchen cabinets will get a lot of wear and tear. Instead of spending a small fortune to replace them, why not simply refresh their look with a new coat of paint or an attractive faux finish? Colour Solutions offers professional cabinet painting services to give your kitchen a totally new look for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

With a very wide selection of colors to choose from, including the basic neutrals as well as attractive shades to suit just about any style, Colour Solutions can help you choose a look that works well in your kitchen. Whether you’re going for a more modern look or you want to capture a rustic “shabby chic” motif, Colour Solutions’ design experts can create a custom painting project suited to your tastes and budget.

Need a few ideas to get started?

  • Choose a bright white to create the illusion of a bigger, more open space. This works well in small galley kitchens.
  • Want something more unique? Consider experimenting with deeper shades of colors found throughout your home.
  • Consider the layout of your kitchen and how color will play into it. Does your kitchen open up to the dining/living area? You may want to break up the monotony by choosing a different color that complements the color in those areas. Likewise, you may start out with the idea of painting your kitchen and find that you’d like to have that color flow through the entire space.
  • Two-tone effects are also becoming more popular in kitchens. Choose a lighter color for your upper cabinets such as cream, white or a light shade of green, and choose a darker shade for the lower cabinets. This effect helps draw the eye upward and can make your ceilings appear higher, making the room appear larger.
  • Inspect the design of your cabinets. Depending on the style and texture, a faux finish may work well.

Check out our online gallery to get more ideas, then be sure to give us a call for a free consultation and estimate. (910) 686-3067.

In addition to cabinet painting, Colour Solutions also offers a wide selection of other home improvement services. Whether you need to get rid of that old, outdated wallpaper, want to refinish your deck in time for summer or need to fix a drywall mishap, Colour Solutions can help! Check out Our Services  to see a full list of what we can do.