Ombre Paint Finishes in your Home

Blue Ombre Wall PaintSay Yes to Ombre!

This is a style trend that spans several mediums, including clothing fabric, upholstery textiles, and even hair! Pronounced “ahm-bray” it’s a French term that means “shaded.” To create ombre, shade variations of one color are produced in a pattern that slowly graduates from light to dark.

In achieving an ombre finish with paint, three shades of the same color are used. Picture a wall-beginning at the top portion that meets the ceiling. The lightest shade of paint is applied here along one third of the top section. Next, the medium shade is applied along the middle third of the wall with the darkest shade going on last along the bottom third, that meets the floor.

Depending on the color of choice, the effect can be bold (deep hues of red or orange) or soothing (shades of sea glass green or Azalea pink). It is also possible to blend separate colors for an ombre rainbow. Typically, this paint treatment is best reserved for just one accent wall.

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