Perfect Time for Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Interior PaintingHow are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you set goals to increase business, update your office space, or just get your operation more streamlined, it may be time to paint! One of the great things about painting, in addition to being the hands down most cost effective home or office improvement available, is that it forces us to get organized. Surely that was on that list of resolutions for 2014, right?

At Colour Solutions we realize that many of our customers may not think that the winter months are ideal for tackling a commercial painting project. However, we think it’s a great time! A number of factors can come into play which make updating or redecorating with a fresh coat of paint the best option from now through the busy spring and summer seasons. For example, some businesses see less customer traffic this time of year, so changing the look of the firm’s interior, exterior or both, may be an easier and quicker process as opposed to waiting for warmer temps.

Because cold, dry air may cause shrinkage in wood cabinetry, doors, or trim, and cause gaps, cool weather is the ideal time to address those issues. Today’s new low and no-VOC products make interior painting and staining jobs no problem! Finally, as any local knows, from January through March, the Cape Fear region can easily enjoy days or weeks of unseasonably mild weather, which is great for anyone considering a new exterior paint job.

Wouldn’t you like to give your place of business a new look for the New Year? We encourage you to visit our commercial painting gallery to see commercial jobs we’ve completed in the Wilmington area.

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Commercial Upfits with Colour Solutions

Commercial Interior Window

Commercial Project in Wilmington – Build Out of Interior Window

Did you know that Colour Solutions is far more than just a Wilmington, NC painting company? In addition to addressing commercial, residential, interior, and exterior painting and staining needs, we also provide a number of additional services that go hand in hand with other upgrades and improvements.

All too often, during a painting project it becomes apparent that the site could benefit from some small addition, replacement, or modification. Whether the purpose is to update, upgrade, or add versatility, we’ve discovered that our customers are delighted to find that we have the expertise and can go the extra mile in achieving the desired result-whatever it is!

Some of our most frequent requests are for the installation of:

  • interior or “pass-through” windows
  • built-ins, such as desks, bookshelves, or cabinets
  • other light carpentry jobs

We are able to match paints and stains and create continuity within your space. At Colour Solutions, we are also able to remove old wallpaper, acoustic ceilings, and repair drywall.

As consumers ourselves, we understand the value of getting to know and trust those who do the work in your home or place of business. No one feels comfortable these days with a revolving door of unfamiliar faces coming in and out to take care of one small job after another. That is why we offer these other services – so our customers can rest assured that the same experienced professionals who tackled their painting job can continue the work needed to achieve the overall desired goal.

In addition to interior work, we also refinish decks, clean gutters and fences and so much more. Learn about our entire selection of services.

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Commercial Interior Painting

[singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=right]Savvy business owners know how important first impressions are. That is why, along with all of the other components that shape a successful company, creating an impressive exterior and a lovely interior for the base of operations is essential. Whether a project involves a tiny office space or an expansive showroom, a fantastic paint job speaks volumes.

At Colour Solutions, we take great pride in assisting our commercial customers achieve the perfect atmosphere through the skillful application of paints and stains. It is no secret that colors convey and create a range of feelings and perceptions. The study of color psychology in business has revealed that certain pigments have a definite influence on how companies are received. For example, blues are often associated with honesty and dependability, oranges and reds are linked to creativity and enthusiasm, while muted grays and browns show strength and security.

Let the painting pros at Colour Solutions take care of your commercial painting needs and ensure that your business exudes a professional appearance that matches your business goals. We can echo the firm’s brand image and objectives by incorporating elements such as logos, shapes, words, or letters.

To learn more about the commercial painting services we provide, please give Colour Solutions a call at 910-686-3067.

Commercial Building Paint Colors

Colour Solutions is a leading source for commercial painting. From interiors to exteriors to cabinet painting and more, we offer high quality paint products and excellent service. Whether your business needs a whole new look or it’s just time for a fresh coat of paint, Colour Solutions can help you find the right commercial building paint color at an affordable price.

Determining the best commercial paint color can be a challenge. If you want to incorporate a specific color or shade (like one that matches your business’ logo colors), we can help you find the best match. If you’re not sure what color to choose, we will happily offer suggestions based on your particular needs.

A few things that will determine the type/color of your commercial paint product:

Type of business – Studies have shown that certain colors evoke certain emotions in people. “Warm” colors like reds and oranges have been thought to provoke excitement or even hostility, while “cool” colors are sometimes thought to inspire calmness or indifference. While these idea are purely theories, we do believe that when it comes to your business, you want your clients or customers to feel welcome and comfortable in your facility, so choosing an appropriate color is important. (For example, you probably don’t want to use bright pink for a men’s health facility).

Type of material – Certain types of paint work best with certain types of material. Wood, concrete and brick, for example, all have different compositions and therefore may need paints with special properties to look great and last long.

Zoning regulations – Depending on the area your business is in, there may be restrictions on certain colors. Bright or garish shades may be prohibited in your zone, so it’s best to let us help you double check.

If you’re ready to hear more about commercial painting services from Colour Solutions, give us a call at 910-686-3067.

Commercial Painting – Unique Needs, Strategies, and Expectations

Colour Solutions is pleased to offer top quality commercial painting for Wilmington area businesses. We understand that commercial painting jobs have unique needs and require careful planning – that’s why we pride ourselves in taking the time to formulate a painting strategy that will work for everyone involved.

Our strategy will vary according to the following:

  • Type of property (low traffic/offices vs. high traffic/restaurants or shops.
  • Whether the job requires interior or exterior painting (or both).
  • The business’s hours of operation.
  • Level of interruption (we may need to complete project after hours).
  • Any other factors that may affect the project.

Unlike painting a home, commercial painting projects require some extra planning. We at Colour Solutions will be glad to talk with you about your commercial painting goals and strategy. Call us today to schedule a free estimate: (910) 686-3067.