Wallpaper Removal Services

workers prepping for home improvement jobAs the months, years and decades go by, trends in interior design inevitably change. What was once the epitome of a stylish home may now be considered “outdated” or even “ugly.” Wallpaper is a prime example. While it was a popular choice for many homeowners 10 or 15 years ago, wallpaper is now seen as something that dates a home and may even make it difficult for a homeowner to sell their property. Luckily, wallpaper doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent fixture in a home. Not so luckily, wallpaper is notoriously difficult to remove. So much so, that many homeowners hire professionals to remove outdated or unsightly wallpaper. Here at Colour Solutions, we are happy to offer wallpaper removal services in Wilmington, NC and many surrounding areas.  [Read more…]