Home Paint Color Trends for 2015

Kitchen & Cabinet PaintingA fresh coat of paint does wonders for a home. Fresh paint covers imperfections, adds a personal touch and can dramatically change the entire look of a room. If you’re considering some new, fresh paint colors for your home, here’s a look at some of the most popular color choices for 2015, according to the home style experts at HouseBeautiful.

blue ceiling in bedroom

Who says color has to stay on the walls? For a dramatic and unique style, consider adding an “accent ceiling” to complement the color scheme in your room.

Greek Blue

This deep yet vibrant shade of blue is dramatic and somehow still calming.

60s-Style Colors

Believe it or not, olive green and orange are making a comeback! Could it be time to incorporate some swinging 60s style into your pad?

Sour Green & Blue

Why settle for just one new color when you can try two? According to the stylists interviewed by HouseBeautiful, “sour greens” (think sour apple green) combined with cooler colors like blue make for a bold and fashionable statement. Could make an interesting color combination for a guest bathroom or bedroom, perhaps?


Pastels don’t have to just be for springtime. These light, airy colors can make a small room seem larger and more airy. Got a small bungalow in need of a modern update? Try a soft pastel green kitchen or maybe a powdery pastel blue bedroom!


The neutral gray walls contrast well with the bright white of the baseboards and moulding.

Neutral Gray

Gray is the new black, or so we’ve been hearing. What was once a neutral that got overlooked before, gray is making a big splash in all sorts of places. From fashion to furniture to housewares and yes, even interior paint, gray is likely to be one of the most popular design colors of 2015.

Renaissance-Inspired Colors

Think combinations like deep plumb and forest green, or brick red with beige to get an idea of this resurgence in color design. If you’ve got a spacious home with grand and luxurious rooms, these could be the perfect fit. Those with small spaces may want to opt for lighter shades of similar colors to minimize the risk of making rooms appear too dark and stuffy.

For more ideas on capturing this year’s hottest color trends, check out the original HouseBeautiful article here. 

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