Benefits of Low Pressure Washing

man pressure washing patioPressure washing can be a safe, inexpensive and effective way to keep your home’s exterior looking great throughout the year. But sometimes the high pressures used in a typical pressure washing can be damaging. Low pressure washing is a great alternative. 

What’s the Difference Between High Pressure and Low Pressure Washing?

High pressure washing uses a hard water pressure level while low pressure washing uses a combination of soft water pressure and chemicals to remove dirt and mildew from the surface. High pressure washing can be beneficial for certain structures, but for older homes or homes with more sensitive siding material may be better served by the softer pressure and added cleaning agents of low pressure washing.

What are the Benefits of Low Pressure Washing?

Cleaning your home via low pressure washing can help extend the life of your exterior paint, prevent damage to your home’s siding, and kill the bacteria and organisms that create mold and mildew. Low pressure washing can help your home look amazing while also protecting and preserving its exterior structures. Low pressure washing is also a relatively inexpensive task that adds a significant value to your home’s appearance.

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