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Simple Solutions to Give an Old Home a New Look

"An almost new look to an almost 30 year old house; repair work and painting was exceptional. All workers had great work skills." – Peggy Needham This testimonial from Peggy perfectly explains what a few simple tasks can do to transform an old home. With just minor repairs and a few fresh coats of … [Read More...]

tornado damaged brick house

Home Maintenance You Probably Overlooked

Summer is here! Don't neglect those outbuildings and garden structures. Did you ever stop to think that a property is judged by all of the structures on the premises? Even though the house and its landscaping may be HGTV worthy, the smaller outbuildings and garden structures should never be … [Read More...]

Time to Seal the Deck!

Your deck just called and said, "What are they waiting for? Summer and prime deck season are practically here!" There's no question that sealing a deck falls under the category of "big jobs." That's why you should leave it to the experts at Colour Solutions. We have learned that in order to … [Read More...]

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