Winterizing Your Home with A Fresh Coat of Paint

Brrrr – It’s cold here in Wilmington, North Carolina! This week’s freezing temperatures should give way to temps up in the 60’s this weekend. This kind of fluctuating weather is common in coastal NC throughout the winter months.

While it’s nice for us to experience the seasonal highs and lows, it can be hard on your home’s exterior. With freezing and thawing comes contraction and expansion. If your home’s exterior is not thoroughly protected, water can get into the tiniest cracks, freeze and later thaw to cause dreaded water damage. Water damage leads to rot which leads to costly and time-consuming repairs and replacement.

Your siding, window trim, wood porches and decks, stairways, columns, and railings are all at risk if not properly protected.

At Colour Solutions Custom Painting, we recommend Pressure Washing your home’s exterior during a warm spell and applying a fresh coat of high quality paint to seal and protect all the wood finishes. House painting is an important part of your winter home maintenance plan. You might choose to do the whole exterior, depending on when it was last painted, or give a fresh coat to the window trim and most exposed sides of your home. You might choose to seal and stain your deck and/or porch rather than paint it, depending on your home exterior design.

When you’re ready to take care of your home’s exterior to ensure that it will make it through the winter without extensive damage, give the experts at Colour Solutions a call: 910-686-3067. We can help suggest how to best prioritize your exterior home maintenance for winter protection. Learn more about our Painting and Repair Services or Contact Us for more information.